2 Juni 2023

Dimensi.id-He was a special little child. Everyone called him Hafiz. He was so cute and very kind. He always made everybody around him happy with his funny act. He was special child, because in his age of five he began to be able to walk. He was also late to speak, but he was very interactive with his body language. He often express his happiness by shouting loudly. He seldom felt sad his life.

Once his eyes look brightly because he saw the children playing. He wanted to do the same thing like him. They were the kindergarten students playing the plane made from the paper with their teacher. He walked and approached them. He laughed and jumped happily to play with them. Although he can’t say clearly in words but he really expressed his enjoyment. A very kind female teacher approached him and gave him a plane made from paper that is ready to fly by him.

He looked very happy, but it is time for him to leave, because his friends had to come into the class. He was standing still and looking at them, one by one leaving him alone. He wanted to stop them leaving and asked to play with him. He, however, can’t say words. He shouted to stop, but they don’t understand with his body language. Finally, he was alone, looking at his father who was standing by him. “let’s go home, Hafiz!” It’s time for you to drink milk and sleep!”, his father said patently to him. He didn’t say anything. But the expression of his he still wanted to stay there and play with friends. After while, he followed his father to go home. As usual after taking bath, a glass of milk was ready to drink. He took it and drank it. He, then, went to bed and slept.

Hafiz was good boy. He was not naughty, but in his age of seven he was not capable of producing understandable words. He just used his body language to express his willingness to some else. Often, they didn’t understand what he meant, so they thought he’s bad boy. He was kind for those who could understand his language. He always his father’s simple instruction once he was required to do.

It was not difficult for him to eat and to do his another daily activity. As if He had known the schedule what he had to do. But at that time, he didn’t want to open his mouth. He refused to eat and drink milk. His father was worried and tried to him follow his instruction. “Open, his mouth my little boy”, his father asked. Hafiz didn’t follow his father’s instruction. He even lied his body on the bed. “Hafiz, wake up and open your mother”, his father began to get angry. He pretended not to hear. His father was very angry and about to leave him. Suddenly, he reached his father hand and said, “Abi”. One word is produced in Arabic, Abi, my father. It was surprising that he called “Abi”. “Hafiz, you called me, Abi”, his anger anger changed with the amazement that his little child can produced one word in Arabic that means my father

“Thanks God, my little child begins to produce one word”, his father felt very happy and his anger changed into happiness. He hoped that his little child, Hafiz could speak after that. He didn’t use body language anymore to express his willingness. He was expected to study many things and start studying at school. He has to be happy with many friends to play together. He was good boy and easy for him to get many friends.

Hafiz was good boy. With his ability to speak, he could create the great achievement. Everybody would love him very much because he was cute and funny. He was also clever and great because he liked to learn new things at school. His parents was really proud of him. He ran into the class and studied about the lesson. He listened what his teacher was explaining. He was so active in the class.

Hafiz was laughing while holding his mobile phone. He got a funny video on YuoTube. His loud voice made his father awake from his dream. He really expected to see his son able to speak fluently. He realized that everything needed process, not instantly gained. He believed that he finally could produced many words and began to communicate well. He looked the innocent face that was full of happiness while watching funny video on YouTube. His tears began to fall and starting to make his cheek wet of tears. He really loved his son. It was not ordinary love. He felt so happy with him. He never gave up in his pray for his son growing normally. (ME)

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