10 Desember 2023

Dimensi.id-Moslems will be powerful, if they are in unity. They can destroy tyranny and the evil. Moslem must return to the Islamic teaching totally for unity. Secularism has made the moslems have various thinkings; capitalism, communism or atheism. They do not come from Islam, and the moslems will be separated into weak groups with different thinkings. They are not free to speak up the truth from the laws of Allah.

Democracy is proven bad. It cannot guarantee the basic need of the people. Living in the country with wealthy natural resources, the people, however, live under poverty. Moreover, the people don’t feel free to speak up the truth from their belief. Feeling safe and getting prosperity are the people’s right. But in democracy, they are only illusion not for the people, but just for oligarchy. The people need the system that guarantees the people’s freedom to speak and do suited with the real truth coming from their belief. Speaking up the truth from their religion totally is labelled radical. So is bad framing given to the moslems who feel proud of their identity as Moslems. Only in the system of khilafah, we are free to say and do suited with the truth from our religion, Islam.

Do you think that we are free to speak up the truth in democracy. As Moslem living in the country with Moslems in majority, we should be free to speak up the truth related to Islamic teaching. In fact, in a contrary to the expectation that those who totally want to be ruled by Islamic law, they are often labeled radical. Negative framing is continuously given to the Moslems who love their religion totally. The willingness to implement Islam comprehensively in the real life is blamed as treason. We are not free to speak up the truth coming from the Islamic teaching, because it is limited with local culture or other values coming from the human thinking.

You can see the deed prohibited in Islam is freely promoted. Two couple married different religion are allowed as if it is good thing. LGBT are shown and promoted in public as freedom of speech. Liberalisme or secularism is promoted, because everything is allowed to do except Islam. Something forbidden in Islam is promoted, and as if it is allowed in the country with Moslems in majority. It is strange that Islamic teaching is not taken to rule the people, although they are in majority.

Indeed, Moslems will be in unity if they return to the real Islamic teaching. Al-Qur’an and al-Hadist, whatever coming from Muhammad SAW as the messenger of Allah must be taken totally not partially. Everything must be suited with them, not in contrary that Islamic teaching is modified dan changed in order to be suited with human thinking. Unity makes the moslems strong, and they will takes the goodness to all around the world. Throw away all the ideas of secularism, capitalism or socialism, just take the Islamic laws coming from Allah, the creator of human being, universe and the life.

Why should be democracy, but we are Moslems in majority. Democracy is proven bad not only for Moslems but also for all people in general. Think it deeply about Islam that is perfect system can take us out of the complicated problems. Don’t you think it is enough evidence to leave democracy dan take Islam as the solution of all problems. If you are the real moslems you must not refuse to be ruled by Islam totally. Throw away democracy and change it with Islam. Then, everything will be all right, because Islam is implemented totally in real life.

Let’s think free and sound continuously about the real truth sourced from the Islamic law, because we live the country with Moslems in majority. And we live on the earth of Allah, so we have to rule our life with the laws of Allah. Think brightly and give solution of all the problems with Islam. Don’t be afraid of sounding the truth, although we are blamed radical. Keep thinking with Islam, and don’t stop saying the real truth of Islam.

Feel free with Islam. Every steps are so light because they are guided to the right path. We are so happy and easy to say and do because every word and deed are suited with our belief, Islam. Don’t lie with yourself. If you are moslems, why you refuse khilafah. In fact, it is the perfect system that will implement Islam in real life totally. Don’t you want to live in Islamic life in which Islamic law will be implemented totally. The Islamic life will give a Moslem freedom to express the truth sourced from their belief.

Do you think you are free in democracy. Freedom in democracy is only illusion for the ordinary people as well as for the real Moslems who want to be ruled by Islamic laws totally. It only belongs to the oligarchy and those who live around the power. They can do everything they like, not the ordinary people. They are free to make their own laws. They can treat the people injustice with the power, therefore. Hopefully Democracy will be ended, and khilafah will rise up. (ME)

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