5 Juni 2023

Dimensi.id-Writing is one way to express our idea and feeling, besides spoken language. In oral language, not all people can speak fluently and effectively. They are often afraid of expressing their own idea, because they don’t believe in their own competence in communication. It is the big problem for the new learners or beginners as they are not brave enough to try and contiously make their own improvement. They often judge themselves stupid and never become smart and have ability in communicating their idea. They are so nervous that it is hard to express their idea clearly, especially when they have to say in the formal forum in front of audiences or class. Writing is one way to practice your communication skill without being afraid of making mistakes. Be proud of your own writing, and contiously practicing your competence, it is believed will improve your writing skill gradually.

Don’t cheat or copy paste but use your own words. You may take the idea from others’, but use your own sentences. After reading the text or listening the lecture, you may take the idea, but try to deliver it by your own words. Be creative and proud of your own words. Avoid to take words or sentences of someone else’s. But if you have to take it as references make quotation. Just one or two quotation not more, because you will lose you own writing. It is not perfect, but that is better because it is yours and step by step you can make improvement if you never stop trying doing it with your own competence.

Your own word choices and sentences are better than someone else’s. You are in the process of learning and making improvement because you are brave enough to create your own writing, not cheating or plagiarism. Be patient that learning needs process, it is not instantly gained. Be sure that next time in the future you will be amazed with your competence in writing.

Caught your idea in your mind from surrounding directly by writing it with your own words. Don’t delay even you just deliver it in one word or phrase. Next, you can make a sentence and develop it in paragraph. In your free time and when you feel relaxed you can continue your writing until you can finish it and ready to post it in social media. Be self confident to post your writing and let others read it and give comment. Be encouraged to write whatever the comment is bad or good. Don’t stop writing as writing is habit. Be sure, gradually your writing skill is going to improve.

Don’t give up although your writing is not good enough. You may feel it is not satisfying, but don’t never stop trying to improve. Read your own writing repeatedly and find the parts that you need to revise. Go on writing and don’t never stop exploring yourself. Your Good or bad work is not problem, but believe you will make it better as long as you never stop trying with your own effort, not copy paste some else’s work.

Perfect and satisfying work is not important thing. If it is not your own writing is not good thing to do. You feel satisfied if you do it by your self, not cheating or copying paste from others’. You will never make progress if you always take someone else’s writing, but you consider it as yours. Stop doing that if you want to be better and improve your competence in writing.

To have good writing skill, you need to practice and make it as habit. Don’t ever take someone else’s words unless you make quotation. If you do it many quotations, you will lose you own writing and you never learn and make improvement in your writing skill. The competence in writing is not gained instantly but it needs process, and you must be patient to do it by exploring your own competence.

To be good writer is not easy, but it is possible to be because writing is not talent but skill that need to practice. It is like a knife that is going to sharp if you frequenty sharpen it. Our writing competence will be the same like knife. If you often use it, your writing will be sharp like knife. In the begining, you must force yourself. It is hard to do it as you are not used to doing it. But gradually you will enjoy it as writing becomes your habit. Don’t never stop exploring your our competence, although your work is not satisfying yet. Go on and encourage yourself to keep practicing it by using your own competence. Believe it that next time you will be capable of making satisfying article that is good to read not only for yourself but also for others. The key success of writing is that you never stop writing and avoid to copy paste or plagiating someone else’s work. Be creative with fresh idea and new interesting thing delivered in your own interesting writing, not the result of plagiarism.

In final step you must be self confident to post your writing in order to be read by many people. Good or bad is not important, but the most important thing is that have been brave to let others read your works. You must be ready with good or bad response about your writing. Whatever the comment about yours never discourage you but keep writing with your creativity in an idea or language. Never make plagiarism in your writing and never stop trying exploring your our creativity and innovation, it is the key to get success in improving your writing skill. (ME)

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