6 Desember 2022

Dimensi.id- Moslems are often blamed radical when they want to be ruled by Islamic law totally in their life. Negative framing toward Islamic teachings is continuously spoken as if Islam is the problem, but in fact, Islam is actually the basic solution for all the problems being waited to create the Islamic life. It was proved in the history that prosperity was not ilusi like in democracy. Right Now, well being just belongs to oligarchy, just small number of people. So is Justice before the law just for oligarchy, small number of people around the power.

In democracy, corruption is serious problem as the seat of power is the goal of politic. The politic cost to get the power is so expensive that all ways good or bad are taken for the goal of power in hand. The leader of this country often blames radical to the Moslem who brings the solution for this country with Islam. But who is actually radical? The ordinary people without power is impossible to be radical, because they can’t force his willingness to be implemented. The leader with power in his hand is very possible to be radical. He can forced his willingness to the weak people. Although, the majory of the people are moslems, but the leader with his power can force the moslems in majory to accept the law that was in opposite to their religion. So who will be the radical, the ruler with power or the ordinary people?

The leader with power in hand can be more radical if he forces his willingness to the weak people. We need the wise man to be the leader in this country. The man who loves the people and care the people’s problem. He protects his people from threat and insecure. The people feel free of doing the truth from their belief. The people are not afraid of criticizing. Let the people feel free and prosperous. Only the leader in the Islamic Islam can guarantee that the people feel safe and free to the real truth sourced from their religion

Don’t blame the Moslem radical if they want to rule their life totally with Islamic teaching. It’s logic thinking of the Moslem because it is suited with their belief. How can a pious moslem refuse to be ruled with Islam. Only those who have secular thinking refuse Islamic law. The real Muslim, however, must go on conveying the real truth taken from the Islam, although they are often labeled radical, intolerant and makar.

The bad leader often blames others, but doesn’t give solution. He likes getting the other’s mistakes instead of correcting and evaluating himself in order to improve it. For example, the rising price of frying oil, the people are blamed for queuing to get the normal price instead of making the price normal. Many problems are not tried to solved but the people are blamed radical, intolerant, even treason. Stop Blaming but find the solution how the make the people prosperous and feel safe.

The people are not enemy, but they are partner to build this country together. The critic and advice are needed for improving the worse condition. All the problems will be effectively solved if the government is supported by the people. Therefore, the policy taken must be for protecting the people, not only oligarchy.

The famous quote says that democracy is the government of the people- by the people and for the people. Do you think it is true? The government, in fact, is not for the people but oligarchy. The people are needed just to vote but after that, they are left behind after the power in a hand. It is so cruel, not humanized because the people is used as to a tool for reaching a seat of power. People’s aspiration is not listened, and the people are not important anymore after voting. The people are blamed for the failure of his leadership.

Do you still believe democracy will be good for the people? The people are always blamed for the failure. People must pay the tax, rising price of the daily needs, but the people’s basic needs are not guaranteed by the government. Natural resources are not for the people. The policy is not for the people, too. The people are just sacrificed for reaching the politic goal, the power. Stop Blaming the people. If you are not capable of leading this country, resign and let other lead this country with Islam. It’s time to give chance the good leader who leads with Islam.

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